Walking Through Bible Places

07-02-09 12:27 Age: 10 yrs
Category: Just Published

by Daud Soesilo

Daud Soesilo's photos and brief commentary serve as a door to the biblical world, showing the places where Jesus set his feet, as well as other biblical sites in Israel.
Discover: Why Lake Galilee has several names - Tiberias, Gennesaret, Chinnereth, Chinneroth... How Jesus moved from Nazareth to Capernaum ... How Capernaum became the centre of his ministry in Galilee .... An ancient olive tree which may have witnessed Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane... And how once a year Christians are allowed to commemorate the ascension of Jesus in a chapel that now functions as a mosque.
There is also an Indonesian version of the book, Mengenal Situs-Situs Alkitab.

Dr. Daud Soesilo is the UBS Area Translation Coordinator for Asia-Pacific.

ISBN: 9789794635414 (English)
          9789794638323 (Indonesian)
Indonesian Bible Society; Bible Society of Singapore
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