Scripture Frames and Framing: A workbook for Bible translators

02-17-09 12:11 Age: 10 yrs
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by Timothy Wilt and Ernst Wendland

Scripture Frames & Framing illustrates and further develops some of the key ideas presented in Bible Translation: Frames of Reference (T. Wilt, ed., St Jerome, 2003). This workbook offers numerous exercises for analyzing biblical texts and communicating them to contemporary audiences. The Workbook proceeds by briefly introducing a key aspect of translation, giving exercises that will help clarify understanding of that aspect and of how it relates to translators’ particular communication situations, and then moving on to a related aspect.

Dr. Timothy Wilt is a former UBS translation consultant and Dr. Ernst Wendland is a UBS translation consultant and is affiliated with the Centre for Bible Interpretation and Translation in Africa at Stellenbosch University.

ISBN: 9781920109769