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06-13-10 Prophetic Rhetoric: Case Studies in Text Analysis and Translation

by Ernst Wendland

Foreword by Lynell Zogbo

Wendland presents case studies of eight works from the minor prophets and Ezekiel, exploring various facets of an “oral-rhetorical,” literary structural method of analysis. Concluding each chapter are discussions of the i...

05-21-10 Backgrounds commentary on Jeremiah

by Esteban Voth

Voth's 250-page commentary on Jeremiah, with extensive bibliography, is in volume 4 of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary Set: Old Testament (John Walton, general ed.).

Dr. Voth is the UBS Area Translation Coordinator for the Americas. ...

07-02-09 Walking Through Bible Places

by Daud Soesilo

Daud Soesilo's photos and brief commentary serve as a door to the biblical world, showing the places where Jesus set his feet, as well as other biblical sites in Israel.
Discover: Why Lake Galilee has several names - Tiberias, Gennesaret, Chinnereth, Chinneroth...

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