Links to Related Sites

There are plenty of web pages that provide extensive links to internet resources in the areas of Biblical studies, linguistics, and translation. For this reason, we'll try to keep our list short and include key addresses that supply such links.

Other Bible Society and Bible Translation Sites

Bible and Religion

  • undefinedInternet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity: From the University of Pennsylvania, this page has many relevant links, including links to links, reference, texts and translations, language, palaeography and textual criticism, archaeology, Christian history and literature, Jewish history and literature, Islamic history and literature, ecumenical organizations, course materials, libraries, journals, newsletters, series, and software.
  • undefinedResource Pages for Biblical Studies, focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world, including aspects of Bible texts, translations and related texts, biblical studies electronically published, aspects of the Mediterranean social world, and biblical studies and computer technology.
  • Mark Goodacre's undefinedNew Testament Gateway
  • undefinedWabash Center for Teaching in Theology and Religion: This guide to internet resources includes a list of online journals selected by the guide's editor, as well as an index to indexes of online journals and resources. Look under 2. Material types.



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