UBS Translations


This site is provided by the United Bible Societies as a resource to the global Bible translation community. We are committed to developing and providing tools and resources that contribute to and improve the quality of Bible translation.

The United Bible Societies, a World Fellowship of Bible Societies, is committed to the:

  • translation,
  • publication,
  • and distribution of the Bible worldwide.

For more general information about the mission and activities of the United Bible Societies, both globally and nationally, please visit the main undefinedUBS website.

The demanding task of Bible translation requires scholarship and expertise in the areas of:

  • biblical studies,
  • theory and practice of translation,
  • communication,
  • linguistics,
  • anthropology.

The UBS is providing the resources on this Website as a contribution to the global Bible translation community, with the hope that these materials would contribute to high quality Bible translations, enhance the productivity of those involved in the Bible translation task, and so speed the provision of the Word of God to the world.

Opportunity for employment in UBS Translations: