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Year:1911 (pre)
Title:Bible and Social Reform
Journal:Theological and Literary Journal

Year:1911 (pre)
Title:Bible and the State
Journal:Baptist Quarterly

Collection Title:The Bible as book: the Reformation
Editor:O'Sullivan, Orlaith; Herron, Ellen N.
Place:New Castle, Del.
Publisher:Oak Knoll Press
Abstract:Table of Contents: Equivalence or power? authority and Reformation Bible translation, by R Duerden. The Bible translations of George Joye, by O O'Sullivan. William Tyndale, the English Bible, and the English language, by D Daniell. John Knox's Bible, by D Wright. The Vulgate as Reformation Bible: the sonnet sequence of Anne Lock, by S Felch. The 1535 Coverdale Bible and its Antwerp origins, by G LatrÚ. Martin Luther and Paul's Epistle to the Romans, by W Campbell. "Without great effort, and with pleasure": sixteenth-century Genevan Bibles and reading practices, by F Higman. "The law and the gospel": the evolution of an enangelical pictorial theme in the Bibles of the Reformation, by A Pettegree. Politics and polemics in English and German Bible illustrations, by T String. The Revelation and early English colonial ventures, by A Hadfield. Imagining translation committees at work: the King James and the Revised Versions, by D Norton
Keywords:Bible -- Congresses; Reformation; Conference proceedings -- Church history; Conference proceedings -- Biblical studies; Christianity/Church History--1500-1699; Biblical Studies

Year:1986, 1988
Collection Title:La Bible d'Alexandrie, Vol. 1, Vol. 2
Editor:Dorival, Gilles; Harl, Marguerite
Keywords:Versions, Ancient

Collection Title:La Bible en franšais. Guide des traductions courantes
Editor:Auwers, J.M.
Publisher:Lumen Vitae
Abstract:This volume has evaluations by different writers of a range of French translations, including six study Bibles: PlÚ´ade, JÚrusalem, Osty, TOB, Nouvelle Segond, and La Bible d'Alexandrie (translation of LXX); Bibles for popular use: Maredsous, La Bible Pastorale, Franšais Courant, Parole de Vie, La Bible des peuples, and La Traduction liturgique de la Bible; and others: Bayard, Chouraqui, Beaumont, and La Bible du Rabbinat. Also in the guide are general chapters on Bible translation, and the history of the translation of the Bible into French.
Keywords:Versions, Modern--French--Surveys

Title:La Bible en Suisse
Editor:Hoegger, Martin
Journal:Bible ActualitÚ: Bulletin d'Information de la SociÚtÚ Biblique Suisse
Abstract:NumÚro spÚcial "700e." A special jubilee issue, richly illustrated with pages from illuminated Bibles of Switzerland, includes brief essays on their histories, and an overview of the work of the Bible Society and recent translations into the languages of Switzerland.

Title:Bible Illustration as Interpretation
Journal:Bible Translator
Abstract:An interview with the illustrator of the TEV, Annie Vallotton.
Keywords:Translation production; Illustrations, pictures;

Collection Title:The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends
Editor:West, Gerald; Dube, Musa
Publisher:Brill Academic Publishers
Abstract:Contributions by Bible Society colleagues: Gosnell Yorke, "The Bible in the Black Diaspora: Links with African Christianity"; Aloo Mojola, "The Swahili Bible in East Africa from 1844 to 1996: A Brief Survey with Special Reference to Tanzania," and "100 Years of the Luganda Bible (1896 to 1996): A General Survey"; Ernst Wendland and Salimo Hachibamba, "'Do You Understand What You Are Reading [Hearing]?' (Acts 8:30): The Translation and Contextualization of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 in Chitonga"; and Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole, "The Kiswahili Mwana Wa Mtu and the Greek Ho Huios Tou Anthr˘pou." The volume offers a 170-page bibliography of the Bible in Africa, compiled by G. LeMarquand.
Keywords:Versions, Modern--Africa

Collection Title:The Bible in Cultural Context
Editor:Pavlincovß, Helena; PapouÜek, Dalibor
Publisher:Czech Society for the Study of Religions
Abstract:46 essays on the Bible, including Uwe F.W. Bauer, "Die Kolometrische Wiedergabe der Texte und die Idiolekte ▄bersetzung als 'conditio sine qua non' fŘr das Verstńndnis der Bibel," Pavel Bocek, "Umstńnde und Bedeutung der Entstehung der ersten ganzen Bibel in Russland," Mirjam Bohatcovß, "Die Entwicklung der tschechischen Bibel vom Mittelalter bis zum 18. Jahrhundert. Eine ▄bersicht,"David Clark, "The Impact of Christian Scriptures in Selected Minority Languages of Thailand: A Preliminary Investigation," Paul Ellingworth, "Understanding and Applying the Bible Today," Jan Firbas, "Functional Sentence Perspective in Bible Translation," Ben Hemelsoet, "▄bersetzung als literarische Kritik," Bretislav Horyna, "Wie interkulturell ist die interkulturelle Kommunikation?" Manuel Jinbachian, "Translation in its Historic Perspective," VladimÝr Kubßc, "A New Czech Ecumenical Bible Translation," Ivan Lutterer, "Proper Names in the Czech Bible Translation," Petr Penßz, "Original Value or Traditional Meaning? Some Remarks on Different Conceptions of Translation," F.V. Reiterer, "BibelŘbersetzung: Wiedergabe oder Deutung?" Pavel Spunar, "The First Old-Czech Translation of the Holy Script in the Cultural Relations of the 14th Century."
Keywords:Theory and practice

Collection Title:Bible in Modern China: The Literary and Intellectual Impact
Editor:Eber, I.; Wan, S.-K.; Walk, K.
Series:Monumenta Serica Monograph Series 43
Abstract:Six essays on the translation of the Bible into Chinese, its reception and appropriation.
Keywords:Versions, Modern--Chinese

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