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Author:Nielsen, Eduard
Title:En hellenistisk bog?
Journal:Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift
Abstract:In DTT, 1992, 55:2, N.P. Lemche advocated a Hellenistic origin of the OT literature and (new?) ideas of the relationship between the Hebrew Bible and the LXX. Against these views, maintains the process of canonization of the OT was independent of the LXX and of the early church. Lemche's late dating of OT literature rests on weak foundations. Notes a book, written 100 years ago, by M. Vernes who expressed similar ideas, but on the whole was ignored by contemporary and later OT critics. (Danish) (c) Religious and Theological Abstracts
Keywords:Bible of the church; Canonization

Author:Nieuwoudt, Bernard Andre
Title:Aspects of the Translation Technique of the Septuagint the Finite Verb in the Septuagint of Deuteronomy

Author:Niklaus, Peter; Sommer, Andreas Urs
Title:Franz Overbecks Briefwechsel mit Paul de Lagarde (Overbeck's Correspondance with Lagarde)
Journal:Z f Neuere Theologiegeschichte/J Hist of Modern Theol
Abstract:This hitherto unpublished correspondance between Overbeck (1837-1905) and Lagarde (1827-1891) conveys considerable insight into the thought of two figures who stand outside mainstream theological discourse in the second half of the 19th century. A leading scholar in oriental studies and LXX research, Lagarde was also a fervent nationalist, antisemite and propagator of a Germanic national religion. An enigmatic theologian, critic of theology, as well as a friend of Nietzsche, Overbeck was skeptical about Legarde's nationalistic science of religion. Both are harsh critics of Protestantism. Their main difference lies in their understanding of religion and its relation to power. (German) (c) Religious and Theological Abstracts

Author:Nodet, E.
Title:Josephus and the Pentateuch
Journal:Journal for the Study of Judaism
Abstract:Studies the first four books of the Antiquities to summarize what can be said about the Pentateuch used by Josephus - to grant him an honorable position among first century witnesses of the OT, despite the notorious sloppiness of his paraphrase. As he himself stated, he did translate from much used library books in Hebrew containing many learned corrections and glosses. The first library in which the scrolls were written, stored, corrected and used until the AD 70 war is probably the Temple archive; the text-type is quite close to the Hebrew source of the LXX; but this supposedly well known Greek translation of the Pentateuch was not available to him, at least not before the last stages of his work, though he knew and quoted the Letter of Aristeas, which expounds the story of this translation and gives it all due authority. (c) Religious and Theological Abstracts

Author:Noël, Filip
Title:The double commandment of love in Lk 10,27: a Deuteronomistic pillar or Lukan redaction of Mk 12,29-33?
Collection Title:The Scriptures in the Gospels
Editor:Tuckett, C.

Author:Nolland, J.
Title:What Kind of Genesis Do We Have in Matt 1:1?
Journal:New Testament Studies
Abstract:There is no new creation theology behind the use of Genesis in Matt 1:1. Genesis is not used in connection with the Greek title of Genesis. Interpreters have been misled into over-interpreting Matt 1:1 by adoption of the spurious senses for genesis based on a failure to understand the nature of the Genesis LXX use of the term. Matt 1:1 does not provide a heading for the whole book, but only for the immediate section, Matt 1:1-17 (with Matt 1:18-25 as an explanatory supplement). Matthew 1:1 and 17 bracket the genealogy which provides an opening section to Matthew which offers a genealogical account of the origin of Jesus in which it is suggested that Jesus sums up in himself and brings to a climax that salvation-history which began in the call of Abraham. (c) Religious and Theological Abstracts
Keywords:LXX in NT

Author:Noret, Jacques
Title:Un verset scripturaire contesté et par là remarquable: Ps 37,21c (LXX)
Collection Title:La spiritualité de l'univers byzantin dans le verbe et l'image
Editor:Demoen, K.; et al.
Place:Tournhout, Belgium

Author:Nwachukwu, Fortunatus
Title:The textual differences between the MT and the LXX of Deuteronomy 31
Collection Title:Bundesdokument und Gesetz: Studien zum Deuteronomium
Editor:Braulik, Georg
Place:Freiburg im Breisgau; New York
Keywords:Textual Criticism--Deuteronomy

Collection Title:Of scribes and scrolls: studies on the Hebrew Bible, intertestamental Judaism, and Christian origins, presented to John Strugnell on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday
Editor:Attridge, Harold W.; Collins, John J.; Tobin, Thomas H.
Publisher:University Press of America
Abstract:"Co-published by arrangement with the College Theology Society." Includes bibliographical references. New Qumran readings for Genesis one, James R. Davila; 4QDtn: biblical manuscript or excerpted text? Sidnie Ann White; Early emendations of the scribes: the Tiqqun Sopherim in Zechariah 2:12, Russell Fuller; Orthography and text in 4QDana and 4QDanb and in the received Masoretic Text, Eugene Ulrich; Recensional differences between the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint of Proverbs, Emanuel Tov; Observations on "wisdom narratives" in early biblical literature, Lawrence M. Wills; The beth Essentiae and the permissive meaning of the Hiphil (Aphel), J.H. Charlesworth; Ben Sira 48:11 et la Résurrection, Emile Puech; The meaning of "the end" in the Book of Daniel, John J. Collins. Jason's gymnasion, Robert Doran; Korah's rebellion in Pseudo Philo 16, Frederick J. Murphy; Kenneth Burke meets the teacher of righteousness: rhetorical strategies in the Hodayot and the Serek Ha-Yahad, Carol A. Newsom; Some observations on blessings of God in texts from Qumran, Eileen Schuller; 4Q185 and Jewish wisdom literature, Thomas H. Tobin; Two notes on the Aramaic Levi Document, Jonas C. Greenfield and Michael E. Stone; The gender of Iael in the Jewish inscription from Aphrodisias, Bernadette J. Brooten; Tiberius Julius Alexander and the crisis in Alexandria according to Josephus, Robert A. Kraft - - Daniel 7 and the historical Jesus, Adela Yarbro Collins. The mixed reception of the gospel: interpreting the parables in Matt 13:1-52, Daniel J. Harrington; John 10 and the feast of the dedication, James C. VanderKam; Curse and competition in the ancient circus, John G. Gager; The anti- Judaic polemic of Ephrem Syrus' Hymns on the Nativity, Kathleen E. McVey; The original language of the Acts of Thomas, Harold W. Attridge; Two Enochic manuscripts: unstudied evidence for Egyptian Christianity, George W.E. Nickelsburg; Julian's attempt to rebuild the temple: an inventory of ancient and medieval sources, David Levenson.
Keywords:Collection; Textual Criticism

Collection Title:The Old Greek Psalter: Studies in Honour of Albert Pietersma
Editor:Hiebert, Robert J.V.; Cox, Claude E.; Gentry, P.J.
Publisher:Sheffield Academic Press
Series:Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. Supplement Series 332

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