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Author:Bultmann, Rudolf
Title:The Second Letter to the Corinthians
Pages:272. p.
Abstract:Brief preliminary remarks replace an Introduction. Believes two original letters composed 1 Corinthians (A and B), two others 2 Corinthians (C and D), discussion of text is according to the order of "C" and "D." Uses RSV text for pericopes, Greek as running text. Heavy emphasis on redaction criticism; details not systematically explained, yet valuable insights throughout, both on minutiae and on broader background. Knowledge of Greek demanded.

Author:Burdick, Donald W.
Title:The Letters of John the Apostle: An In-Depth Commentary
Publisher:Moody Press
Pages:xii, 488 p.
Abstract:Introduction discusses background, authorship (detailed discussion, "John the Apostle"), date, place, recipients, occasion and purpose, and character and content. Quite conservative. Greek/NASB running text. Introduction to each pericope followed by "exegetical commentary," "theological commentary," "paraphrastic commentary" (expanded rephrasing), and "structural commentary" (outline of the section). Seems to hold much useful information for translators, both on details and broader background, and not too difficult to retrieve. Sometimes marred by a blind acceptance of such works as Kittel's TDNT. Greek used heavily but usually explained clearly.
Keywords:John 1-3

Author:Burney, C.F.
Title:The Book of Judges with Introduction and Notes on the Hebrew text of the Books of Kings
Place:New York
Publisher:Ktav Publishing House
Pages:38, cxxvii, 546, xlviii, 384 p.
Series:Library of Biblical Studies
Abstract:Originally published 1903, 1918, Albright's Prolegomenon added 1970. Excellent scholarly introduction for its time; discusses canon, structure, the old narratives, editors, chronology, historical background, and text. Judges Notes very useful for translations, but Hebrew required. Kings Notes are detailed, all on the Hebrew. Prolegomenon by William F. Albright.
Keywords:Judges; Kings

Author:Bush, Frederic
Title:Ruth, Esther
Place:Dallas, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:xiv, 514 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Introductions to each of the two books discuss canonical status and position, text, unity [and redaction], authorship and date, genre (especially useful!), and theme, purpose and theology. Author's translation of each section includes heavy textual/translational notes, followed by form/structure/setting, comments (including those most useful for translating), and explanation. The way details are covered as well as structure and movement of the text makes this volume especially useful, although the copious material may mean some information will require effort for retrieval. Language is not simple English, and knowledge of Hebrew is important for making use of the material.
Keywords:Ruth; Esther

Author:Butler, Trent C.
Place:Waco, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:xlii, 304 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers text, formation of book, meaning (theological) of the material, review of critical research, literary (source) criticism, form criticism, "The Amphictyony," archaeology, bibliography, and summary. Respects modern critical studies, suggests ways for a positive interaction with personal faith in the material as God's Word. Discussion of each section includes bibliography, author's translation, textual notes, form/structure/setting, comment, explanation. Good comments on background, theological significance, but little on details, except in Notes on Hebrew text. Hebrew and Greek used moderately, knowledge required.

Author:Caird, George B.
Title:Saint Luke
Publisher:Westminster Press
Pages:271 p.
Abstract:Introduction discusses the Gospel's purpose, author, sources (synoptic problem, oral tradition), method of composition, historical accuracy (any inaccuracy due to sources, not to author), and theology. RSV running text. Comments are rather meager, concentrating on general significance and religious concerns. Greek not used. (Westminster Pelican Commentaries)

Author:Caird, George B.
Title:A Commentary on the Revelation of St. John the Divine
Place:New York; London
Publisher:Harper & Row
Pages:316 p.
Series:Harper's New Testament Commentaries
Abstract:Good introduction: dealing with treatment by various scholars at various times; author; date; relation with the Gospel of John; the meaning of symbolism, which is particularly helpful. Running text is author's translation. Verse by verse comment; provides historical and linguistic information relating to the nature of John's experience, the structure of the book, and its theological message. Knowledge of Greek not necessary. [Stephen Hre Kio]

Author:Caird, George B.
Title:Paul's Letters From Prison in the Revised Standard Version
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Pages:224 p.
Abstract:In the interest of economy this volume does not print the RSV text of these letters (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon). Obviously the restricted number of pages limited the scope and depth of this commentary. Nevertheless Caird writes concisely and with precision while focusing on the meaning of these texts. Despite its brevity, translators will find stimulating insights here. [Roger L. Omanson, TBT 41:129] (New Clarendon Bible)
Keywords:Ephesians; Philippinas; Colossians; Philemon

Author:Cairns, Ian
Title:Word and Presence: A Commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel Press
Pages:x, 309 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses author (not Moses); structure; book as legal code, treaty text, farewell speech, closing volume of Pentateuch; characteristics of material; history of compilation (good, concise overview). No running text. Useful summaries of pericopes, subsections, providing good background information; often misses details translators need, but useful for general information, movement and significance of the text, with information readily retrievable. Hebrew transliterated, made clear for those not trained.

Collection Title:Cambridge Bible Commentary
Publisher:University Press
Series:Cambridge Bible Commentary
Abstract:The Cambridge Bible Commentary gives complete coverage of the Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha represented in TEV. Each volume presents the full NEB text with comments inserted after each section covered. They are quite good on general historical significance of the text, the meaning and implications of each section, but are often sparse in their comments on details. The brief introductions give historical background, relation to the canon, textual matters, etc. Greek not used. Volumes are listed separately.
Keywords:Apocrypha; Series

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