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Author:Beale, G.K.
Title:The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Carlisle, U.K.
Publisher:Eerdmans; Paternoster
Pages:lxiv, 1245 pages.
Series:New International Greek Testament Commentary
Abstract:Introduction, 177 pages, covers issues thoroughly: discusses date (respects early date, internal evidence; favors late date, Irenaeus tradition); situation of the churches, purpose, and theme; authorship (one of early itinerant prophets); genre; major interpretative approaches (preterist, historicist, futurist, idealist views discussed, but favors an eclectic approach); interpretation of symbolism (nature, method, numerology), the text, use of the Old Testament, grammar issues, structure and plan of the book, the disputed significance of 1.19 as interpretative key, and the theology and goal of the apocalypse. No running text, presence of a Greek New Testament is assumed, with comments directly on the Greek (English often added in parentheses after a Greek expression). Overview of sections of text regularly provided before verse-by-verse discussion. Most details needed for translation are provided and is not difficult to retrieve, but the language is on a high, scholarly level.

Author:Beare, Francis Wright
Title:The Epistle to the Philippians
Place:New York
Publisher:Harper & Row
Pages:x, 182 p.
Abstract:This excellent commentary, like that of Martin, is less technical and less detailed than those by Hawthorne and Collange. Beare gives his own translation as running text. Knowledge of Greek is not required. [Roger L. Omanson, TBT 41:129] (Harper New Testament Commentaries)

Author:Beare, Francis Wright
Title:The Gospel According to Matthew
Place:San Francisco
Publisher:Harper and Row
Pages:ix, 550 p.
Abstract:Excellent introduction covers Greek text, general character, author and milieu, the narrative, sayings and discourses, the teaching of the evangelist, and sources. Author's translation, formal correspondent. Shows internal structure of Matthew as well as relation to other Gospels. Detailed comments. Greek required, although sense usually clear without Greek. Best for consultants and for advanced translators.

Author:Beasley-Murray, George R.
Year:1978 (revised edition)
Title:The Book of Revelation
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; London
Publisher:Eerdmans; Marshall, Morgan & Scott
Pages:352 p.
Series:New Century Bible Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers form (Revelation as epistle, as apocalypse, and as Christian prophecy), content and structure, authorship and date, and abiding significance. RSV base. Author more concerned with significance of text for faith than with explaining details, although some help for translators is included. Structure, progression of thought, usually explained. Greek rarely used but explained.

Author:Beasley-Murray, George R.
Place:Waco, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:xcii, 441 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses the enigma of the fourth Gospel, the origins (relations with synoptics, literary sources, tradition and development, religious relations [Hellenistic, Jewish traditions]), authorship, date and place of writing, aspects of theology (Christology, soteriology, eschatology), purpose, and structure. Each section has bibliography, author's translation (intended to illustrate the Greek), notes on the Greek text, form/structure/setting, comment, and explanation. Good on both broader aspects of discourse and details. Information heavy but fairly easy to retrieve. Knowledge of Greek frequently assumed when Greek is used, but information useful for one who does not know Greek.
Recommendation:T? C

Author:Beeby, H.D.
Title:Grace Abounding: A Commentary on the Book of Hosea
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel Press
Pages:x, 189 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses historical milieu, the prophet, clues used to expound the text, and treatment of the book as a canonical unity without denying its development. No running text, but references are to RSV. Good discussion of theological issues, the meaning and significance of each pericope, relation to historical milieu. However, finer details that translators need are seldom covered, unless implicitly in the discussion. Hebrew not required.
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Best, Ernest
Title:The Letter of Paul to the Romans
Publisher:University Press
Pages:viii, 184 p.
Abstract:Introduction covers Paul's early life, Jews and Gentiles in the early church, Paul as missionary and letter-writer, the church in Rome, and Paul's reason for writing. NEB running text. Comments explain general logic of each section, with reasonable explanation of important details. Greek not used. (The Cambridge Bible Commentary)

Author:Best, Ernest
Title:1 Peter
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; London
Publisher:Eerdmans; Marshall, Morgan & Scott
Pages:188 p.
Series:New Century Bible Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers purpose, recipients, unity of letter, use of earlier material, identification of the persecutions, external testimony, relation to early church, authorship (pseudonymous), date, place, and text. RSV base, no running text. Pericopes introduced by description of contents, form, source, structure. Detailed discussion usually helpful for translators, retrievable information. Greek rarely referred to but explained.

Author:Best, Ernest
Title:A Commentary on the First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians
Publisher:A. and C. Black
Pages:xvi, 376 p.
Abstract:Separate introductions cover date, place, occasion, opponents, recipients, authenticity, order of letters (interpolation?), unity. Concludes same author for both-probably Paul, possibly Silvanus or Timothy. Author's translation is base of comments. Covers form, structure, with details fairly easy to retrieve. Greek sometimes used, usually explained. (Black's New Testament Commentaries)

Author:Best, Ernest
Title:Second Corinthians
Publisher:John Knox
Pages:x, 142 p.
Abstract:Brief introduction discusses milieu, difficulties of date and arrangement of text, theological concerns and applications. No running text, but RSV frequently referred to. Little help for translation purposes; a commentary "for teaching and preaching." Perhaps some background information useful, or the way the logic of the text moves. (Interpretation)

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