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Author:Roloff, Jürgen
Title:The Revelation of John
Pages:xi, 275 p.
Series:Continental Commentary
Abstract:Introduction, succinct but worthwhile, discusses influence of Revelation, apocalyptic literature generally and Revelation as early Christian apocalypse, epistolary character, author and original situation, language and style, tradition and interpretation, structure and organization. Author's/translator's fresh translation presented in segments, followed by discussion of Form (Gattung, structure, function) and Commentary (by verse, pertaining to original context). Excellent for background, clearing up translators' questions about the mysteries, significance of details; however, not quite a useful for many details translators need to know. Good excursuses interspersed. Greek rarely used, transliterated, well explained for those not trained. Highly recommended as an additional resource, but not as primary for translators. Translated by John E. Alsup
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Rowley, Harold H.
Year:Revised edition, 1976; paper, 1980
Title:The Book of Job
Place:London; Grand Rapids, Michigan
Publisher:Marshall, Morgan & Scott; Eerdmans
Pages:xix, 281 p.
Series:New Century Bible Commentary
Abstract:Introduction includes, among other things, canon, contents, integrity, purpose, date, and authorship; critical approach. RSV base. Good background, analysis of individual sections. Many details useful for translators, some not relevant. Hebrew not required.

Author:Rust, Eric C.
Title:The Book of Judges; the Book of Ruth; the First and Second Books of Samuel
Place:Richmond, Virginia
Publisher:John Knox Press
Pages:152 p.
Series:Layman's Bible Commentary
Abstract:Conservative viewpoint. RSV based. Fairly good background, movement of the text. Some useful details for translators. No Hebrew required.
Keywords:Judges; Ruth; Samuel

Author:Rylaarsdam, J. Coert
Title:The Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Solomon
Publisher:SCM Press
Pages:160 p.
Series:Layman's Bible Commentary
Abstract:Introductions cover setting, form analysis, history, message, and purpose of each book. RSV base. Concentrates on general setting of each section, but gives a few details as well that are useful for translation. Hebrew not used.
Keywords:Proverbs; Ecclesiastes; Canticles

Author:Sakenfeld, Katharine Doob
Title:Journeying with God: A Commentary on the Book of Numbers
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel Press
Pages:xiv, 194 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction may be especially useful preparation for translators; it discusses: theological themes; name of the book; composition; structure; outline; value as a historical source (limited); understanding the priesthood of ancient Israel; and holiness in the priestly tradition. No running text, but based on NRSV. Chiefly useful in understanding structure, movement of text, theological significance. Few of the details needed by translators are discussed. Hebrew occasionally transliterated, discussed clearly.
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Sanders, J.N.
Title:A Commentary on the Gospel According to St. John
Place:New York
Publisher:Harper & Row
Pages:x, 480 p.
Abstract:Introduction covers contents and structure; comparison with synoptics as to their possible use as sources, as to the teaching of Jesus, and as to relative historical value; theology; origin, purpose, and value. Author's formal equivalent translation, innovative. Fairly good coverage of details and of their logical progression, but comments on larger segments are found among the details and hard to retrieve. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek frequently used but explained. B.A. Mastin, ed.

Author:Sarna, Nahum M.
Title:Exploring Exodus: The Heritage of Biblical Israel
Place:New York
Publisher:Schocken Books
Pages:xii, 277 pages.
Abstract:This is not a commentary, but it gives excellent background information and is therefore included here. Provides literary, historical, cultural background. A modern Jewish point of view, can be quite useful for translation purposes. Language is generally but not always on a common language level. Hebrew normally explained when used.
Recommendation:T, C

Author:Sarna, Nahum M.
Title:BR'SHYTH Genesis
Place:Philadelphia; New York; Jerusalem
Publisher:Jewish Publication Society
Pages:xxi, 414 p.
Series:JPS Torah Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses title, the lectionary divisions, contents and role of the book, singularity and antiquity of the traditions (e.g., divine names, stone pillars, angelology, customs), and a discussion of this commentary's dealing with the received unified text rather than going into details of the documentary hypothesis. Running text is the Hebrew BHS (JPS adapted and revised format) with the JPS new Torah translation. Introduction to each section is followed by comments marked by verse. Little help here on discourse analysis, many details translators need are taken for granted. Apparently addressed to an audience knowledgeable in Jewish tradition. Many fine insights available. Clear level of language; transliterated Hebrew dealt with so anyone untrained can follow. However, not sufficiently detailed to be relied upon as a primary resource for translators.

Author:Sasson, Jack M.
Publisher:Johns Hopkins University Press
Abstract:Heavy material, with introduction, critical information, philological notes. Author's translation. Too much unwieldy, extraneous material for easy retrieval of translational material, but excellent for a consultant. Hebrew heavily used, knowledge required.

Author:Scaer, David P.
Title:James the Apostle of Faith
Place:St. Louis
Pages:158 p.
Abstract:Not much of value for translators other than theological issues.

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