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Author:Nelson, Richard D.
Title:Joshua: A Commentary
Place:Louisville, Kentucky
Publisher:Westminster John Knox
Pages:xvii, 310 p.
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Introduction discusses character and relevance of Joshua, Joshua and history (not reliable for history but for significance), formation of the book, form criticism, literary analysis, theological themes (land, conquest, the enemy, the ban, obedience), the figure of Joshua, and the text. Author's translation is running text; NRSV commonly quoted. Each segment of text is followed by notes on the ancient text. General discussion of the segment is followed by closer discussion of the verses, and this is good for cultural significance and for tracing the development of the text itself. Details needed for translation will usually be found, though some searching may be needed. Those untrained in Hebrew can follow discussion of transliterated terms. Language level may occasionally be high for some.
Recommendation:T, C

Collection Title:New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition
Editor:Carson, D.A.; France, R.T.; Motyer, J.A.; Wenham, G.J.
Place:Leicester, England; Downers Grove, Illinois
Publisher:Inter-Varsity Press
Pages:xiii, 1455 p.
Abstract:A good one-volume commentary, as these go. Good, comprehensive introductions to the books, showing literary forms, structures, devices. Views on authorship not rigid; e.g., Moses may have been involved with the Pentateuch but hardly was the final writer. Discussion of text is too compact to handle many details, but the coverage present is good and useful, clearly written. No running text, but NIV is the version regularly quoted.

Collection Title:The New Jerome Biblical Commentary
Editor:Brown, Raymond E.; Fitzmyer, Joseph A.; Murphy, Roland E.
Place:Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Pages:xlvii, 1475 p.
Abstract:This edition may be considered a second edition of the 1969 version. However, two-thirds of the material is new. The above evaluation applies, as this continues to be one of the best compact biblical commentaries available, in terms of both general articles and specific books treated. The all-Roman Catholic staff of writers use the best from Catholic and Protestant sources. Writers were given freedom to use any good modern text for base of discussion, as long as they could represent the ancient texts faithfully and clearly.

Author:Newsome, James D., Jr.
Title:A Synoptic Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles: With Related Passages from Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezra
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:275 p.
Abstract:This Harmony is based on RSV and operates much as a standard Harmony of the Gospels. The contents follow the order of the Samuel-Kings text, adding in parallel columns the texts from Chronicles and the other books mentioned in the title. An index to passages from these other books is provided. Differences are not glossed over. As with a Harmony to the Gospels, this publication will be a useful tool for easing translations of identical passages, but serving at the same time to insure that differences are retained, not harmonized.
Keywords:Samuel; Kings; Chronicles

Author:Nielsen, Kirsten
Title:Ruth: A Commentary
Place:Louisville, Kentucky
Publisher:Westminster John Knox
Pages:xiv, 106 p.
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Introduction discusses contents and structure, genre, intertextual reading, literary context, historical context, theological themes, and the text. Author's (and English translator's) translation, by section, is followed by comments on the verses, with footnotes on the comments mostly serving as references. A good discussion of the text from a literary, historical, and sometimes cultural viewpoint, but information needed specifically for translating cannot always be found. However, language level is clear, and Hebrew, when transliterated, is regularly clarified so the untrained can understand. Translated from the Danish by Edward Broadbridge
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Nolland, John
Title:Luke 1-9:20
Place:Dallas, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:lxvi, 454 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses contributions of modern scholarship to our perspective, composition of Luke, purpose, Luke-Acts, identity of Luke, time of writing, and reliability of our text. Author's formal correspondent translation of pericope, followed by textual notes, form/structure/setting, comment, and explanation. Deals well with a translator's needs, but not always easy to retrieve information from all the scholarly, thorough coverage. Greek used throughout.

Author:North, Christopher R.
Title:The Second Isaiah: Introduction, Translation and Commentary to Chapters XL-LV
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Pages:xii, 290 p.
Abstract:Introduction includes historical background, date, author, structure, theology, and the problems of salvation history. Author's literal translation. Discourse structure well covered. Notes on Hebrew separate from more general comments. Details well covered. Knowledge of Hebrew not essential but will help.

Author:Noth, Martin
Title:Exodus: A Commentary
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Good introductory material on content. Heavy on literary-source criticism. Based on RSV. While he is aware of translation problems, the details are often difficult to trace, and specific help often is not there. Hebrew not required.

Author:Noth, Martin
Title:Leviticus: A Commentary
Publisher:SCM Press
Pages:208 p.
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Brief introduction covers structure, literary-source analysis and contents. Based on RSV. Has good detailed treatment, good for translators who are willing to read a lot of details. Hebrew used, but explained.

Author:Noth, Martin
Title:Numbers: A Commentary
Publisher:SCM Press
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Good introductory material on content. Heavy on literary-source criticism. Based on RSV. While he is aware of translation problems, the details are often difficult to trace, and specific help often is not there. Hebrew not required.

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