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Author:Laws, Sophie
Title:A Commentary on the Epistle of James
Place:San Francisco
Publisher:Harper & Row
Pages:x, 273 p.
Series:Harper's New Testament Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers environment, setting, characteristic ideas and interests of James, relationship with early Christianity, and the author. Author's translation. Good coverage of the background, its realities, logical progression. Many useful details. Knowledge of Greek usually assumed.

Author:Leaney, Alfred R.C.
Title:The Letters of Peter and Jude
Publisher:University Press
Pages:vii, 144 p.
Series:Cambridge Bible Commentary
Abstract:Individual introductions discuss author's identity, date, place, teachings, recipients, and relationships between them, especially Jude and 2 Peter. Suggests non-Petrine authorship, and a late date for Jude, not "brother of our Lord." NEB running text. Fairly good details and background information for such a compact volume, though it misses some things needed for translation. Greek seldom used but explained.
Keywords:Peter; Jude

Author:Levenson, Jon D.
Title:Esther: A Commentary
Place:Louisville, Kentucky
Publisher:Westminster John Knox
Pages:xvi, 142 p.
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Covers protocanonical text and Greek additions; it does not appear to deal with Greek variations from the Hebrew, within the protocanonical sections. Introduction discusses the plot, structure and style, messages of the book, historicity and date of composition, and versions. Represents a very good Jewish view of the book, balancing modern scholarship with rabbinic tradition, including valuable insights on structure, customs, terminology. Author's translation of each section, with footnotes, is followed by a general discussion that does deal with some details. Information should be retrievable with some effort.
Recommendation:T, C

Author:Lewis, Jack P.
Title:The Gospel According to Matthew
Place:Abilene, Texas
Publisher:Abilene Christian University Press
Abstract:Useful introduction discusses Gospel genre, this Gospel in the church, the disciple Matthew, language, date, arrangement of material distinctive features, material unique to Matthew, and special themes. RSV printed at top of page, comments below a dividing line. Comments not so useful, too superficial for translator's needs, many details not discussed. Good language level for nonspecialists. Greek sometimes referred to but knowledge not assumed. (The Living Word Commentary). 2 vols.: 1:1-13:52; 13:53-28:20

Author:Liefeld, Walter L.
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Abstract:Introduction covers genre, distinctive features, authorship, purpose, audience, literary characteristics, method of composition, text, history and geography, date, themes and theology, bibliography, and outline. Assessment of Wessel on Mark applies to this commentary. [Bound with Carson on Matthew and Wessel on Mark.] (In: The Expositor's Bible Commentary 8, pages 795-1059)

Author:Lincoln, Andrew T.
Place:Dallas, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:xcvii, 494 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Lengthy and thorough introduction discusses: content/structure/genre/style; relation to Colossians and the rest of the Pauline corpus; authorship/pseudonymity/canon (assumes author a follower of Paul); setting and purposes; and the thought of Ephesians (eschatology, christology, salvation, relation to Judaism, church and world, and impact). Author's rather good formal translation is running text, followed by textual notes, form/structure/setting, comment on each verse, and explanation. Thorough coverage of all exegetical elements needed for translation, though information may have to be searched out. Academic level of English, knowledge of Greek assumed, but those untrained may possibly be able to follow the discussion.

Author:Lindars, Barnabas
Title:The Gospel of John
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; London
Publisher:Eerdmans; Marshall, Morgan & Scott
Pages:648 p.
Abstract:Introduction covers the central message, comparison with synoptics, authorship, background of thought, date and place, language of John, composition and materials, historical value, special issues, and permanent value of John. RSV base. Comments cover larger segments well, their significance, especially by comparing with synoptics. Details are carefully covered, especially as comparison with synoptics yields significance, but not always is this relevant for translators. Greek lightly used, clarified. (New Century Bible Commentary)

Author:Loader, Jamer A.
Title:Ecclesiastes: A Practical Commentary
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:vii, 136 p.
Series:Text and Interpretation
Abstract:Introduction discusses name, place in canon, authorship, date (3rd century), literary genre (lists types of sayings), composition (structured), background in Egyptian and Mesopotamian wisdom (includes Hegelian-style description of logic pattern), and significance. No running text, but based on RSV, occasional adjustments. Discussion strong on logical tensions, confrontations, structures. No apparent effort to deal with details, and this is a major flaw in this book (not even a good discussion of "vanity"). Hebrew rarely referred to. Translated by John Vriend

Author:Lohse, Eduard
Title:Colossians and Philemon
Place:Philadelphia; London
Publisher:Fortress Press; SCM
Pages:xvii, 231 p.
Abstract:This originated in the Kritisch-Exegetischer Kommentar (Meyer) series. Though it contains helpful commentary on getting at what the text says, the focus is more historical. It will prove somewhat disappointing to translators. [Roger L. Omanson, TBT 41:130] (Hermeneia). Translated by W.R. Poehlmann and R.J. Karris from the German edition of 1968
Keywords:Colossians; Philemon
Recommendation:C? O?

Author:Long, Burke O.
Title:1 Kings: With an Introduction to Historical Literature
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:xv, 265 p.
Series:The Forms of the Old Testament Literature
Abstract:This series limits discussion to information relating to form criticism. Broader outlines are followed by detailed outline and discussion of each section, taking into account editing of possible sources. Glossary defines genres and formulas. No index until final volumes are published. A rich source of data for discourse analysis, and important for authors of Helps. Good bibliographies. Translators with advanced training will be able to retrieve useful information. Knowledge of Hebrew useful.

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