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Author:Ashby, Godfrey
Title:Go Out and Meet God: A Commentary on the Book of Exodus
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel
Pages:xiv, 146 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Four-page introduction discusses the centrality of Exodus for both Testaments, the themes of liberation and law, the Hebrew regard for it as history, and its relation to "myth" (properly understood). No running text, but NRSV base for discussion. Text is discussed by section and subsection, providing much background detail useful for the understanding of translators, but far less of the details translators need. Hebrew terms occasionally transliterated, explained. Language level is clear, useful for nonspecialist.
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Ashley, Timothy R.
Title:The Book of Numbers
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:xvi, 667 p.
Series:New International Commentary on the Old Testament
Abstract:Comparatively brief introduction discusses title and contents, structure, authorship and composition (conservative stance; comments dwell on present text, avoid dealing with source hypotheses while briefly recognizing them at crucial points), theological themes, and text and versions. Running text apparently author's, reflects KJV. Structure of the text well covered, both major and minor sections. Details needed by translators are better presented than in most commentaries. Language level lucid; transliterated Hebrew used quite regularly but in a way that one can follow if one has not learned Hebrew.

Author:Attridge, Harold W.
Title:The Epistle to the Hebrews: A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews
Pages:xxviii, 439 p.
Abstract:Introduction discusses authorship, date, addressees, literary characteristics, aim and message, Hebrews, Judaism, and early Christianity, and the text. Author's formal equivalent translation, with textual notes, followed by analysis of the pericope, comment on each verse, heavily footnoted and with frequent excursus. A thorough, scholarly study covering almost all aspects a translator may want to know exegetically, and not too much difficulty with retrieval. Language level not simple; knowledge of Greek and Hebrew assumed. (Hermeneia)

Author:Aune, David E.
Year:1997, 1998
Title:Revelation 1-5. Revelation 6-16
Pages:ccxi, 374; xlv, 375-903 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Massive (165-page) introduction discusses authorship (9 pages, unknown "Palestinian Jew," emigrated before 70 A.D.), date (14 pages, A.D 95, Domitian, too late; suggests late 80s to early 90s A.D.), genre (20 pages, "prophetic apocalypse," carefully defined), literary structure (15 pages, the "sevens," outline), source criticism (29 pages, a three-stage two-edition hypothesis), text (26 pages, a thorough review of all extant texts and of the versions, leading to problem of restoring the original), syntax (47 pages sorting out grammatical oddities with likely reasons for them), and vocabulary (5 pages on hapax legomena, with word lists). Each section of commentary begins with bibliography, then author's nearly-literal translation with careful textual notes, then form/structure/setting, detailed comment on each verse or part of verse, ending with "explanation" detailing significance for the intended audience. Within such careful work, details for translation will sometimes be difficult to find and retrieve, but the effort will be worth it. Knowledge of Greek is important; language may be quite heavy for some.

Author:Baggott, L.J.
Title:A New Approach to Colossians
Pages:viii, 143 p.
Abstract:More theological, homiletical in nature. Not too useful for translators. Some segments not discussed. Retrieval difficult.

Author:Baker, David W.
Title:Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah: An Introduction and Commentary
Place:Leicester, England; Downers Grove, Illinois
Publisher:Inter-Varsity Press
Pages:121 p.
Series:Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Abstract:Introductions to each of the three books deals with: the man, the time, the book, the message. NIV base, but no running text. Fairly good background information, clear explanations, for such compact form; details usually good, some glossed over. Skill in Hebrew not required for transliterated Hebrew, which is usually explained clearly.
Keywords:Nahum; Habakkuk; Zephaniah

Author:Baldwin, Joyce G.
Title:Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi: An Introduction and Commentary
Place:London; Downers Grove, Illinois
Publisher:Tyndale Press; Inter-Varsity Press
Pages:253 p.
Series:Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Abstract:General introduction discusses background to the restoration, theological significance of the Temple, and messianic hopes. Separate introductions discuss the prophet, his book and message (Zechariah: authorship, literary genre, structure, and text). No running or base text. Very good coverage of milieu and structure, and details adequately explained.
Keywords:Haggai; Zechariah; Malachi

Author:Baldwin, Joyce G.
Title:Esther: An Introduction and Commentary
Place:Leicester, England; Downers Grove, Illinois
Publisher:Inter-Varsity Press
Pages:126 p.
Series:Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Abstract:Introduction discusses the place of narrative in Scripture, the book's historical accuracy (moderately conservative stance), literary features and genre, theology, text and versions of Esther, date of writing, and canonical status. No running text, but leans on RSV. JB rendering of Greek additions appended. Notes general structure, provides needed background explanations, and misses few details needed by translators. Hebrew used but knowledge of it not needed.

Author:Baldwin, Joyce G.
Title:1 and 2 Samuel: An Introduction and Commentary
Place:Leicester, England; Downers Grove, Illinois
Publisher:Inter-Varsity Press
Pages:299 p.
Series:Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Abstract:Introduction discusses position in other books of the history, composition and authorship (conservative attitude on documentary hypothesis, sees value in Deuteronomistic history concept), theology, and text. No running text, but based on RSV. Many spiritual, devotional insights, frequently good background, but many details important for translation are missing. Clear language level; uses transliterated Hebrew sparingly and clarifies.
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Barclay, William
Title:The Letters of James and Peter
Pages:xviii, 415 p.
Series:Daily Study Bible
Abstract:Devotional, not much help for translators.
Keywords:James; Peter

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