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Author:Kistemaker, Simon J.
Title:Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:ix, 464 p.
Abstract:Introduction discusses characteristics, author, message, canonicity, date, first readers, and general outline. Each chapter begins with detailed outline; major breaks observed rather than traditional chapters. Theologically conservative. NIV running text. Describes logical problems, form and structure, broader implications of the discourse, especially in summaries at end of chapters; many details also explained. Often concentrates on questions that are not the translator's concern. A nontechnical exposition is followed by doctrinal considerations, then by details in the Greek. Knowledge of Greek useful, not required. (New Testament Commentary)
Recommendation:T, C

Author:Klein, Ralph W.
Title:1 Samuel
Place:Waco, Texas
Publisher:Word Books
Pages:xxxiii, 307 p.
Series:Word Biblical Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers the book in general, text, literary origins, and the shape of this commentary. Each segment of text has bibliography, author's translation, textual notes, form/structure/setting, comment, and explanation. The significance of the communication event and general discourse structure are well covered. Textual details are in the Notes, with details also in Comment. Translation occasionally innovative, and is useful if reasons are understood. Information for translating sometimes difficult to retrieve. Hebrew required; used heavily in Notes, occasionally in Comment.

Author:Knight, George A.F.
Title:Ruth and Jonah: Introduction and Commentary
Publisher:SCM Press
Series:Torch Bible Commentaries
Abstract:Introduction stresses narrow ethnic bias as background against which books were written. Critical method assumed, not pressed. KJV base. Describes practical significance of the text, deals with only selected details. Hebrew not required.
Keywords:Ruth; Jonah

Author:Knight, George A.F.
Title:Deutero-Isaiah: A Theological Commentary on Isaiah 40-55
Place:New York
Publisher:Abingdon Press
Abstract:Introduction describes critical issues, theological approach, principles of translation and exegesis. Author's translation. Comments cover broader structures, theological significance, but many details become clear exegetically. Hebrew explained when used.

Author:Knight, George A.F.
Title:Servant Theology: A Commentary on the Book of Isaiah 40-55
Place:Edinburgh; Grand Rapids, Michigan
Publisher:Handsel Press; Eerdmans
Pages:ix, 204 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:The 1965 edition by Abingdon (see previous entry) has been completely revised and updated.

Author:Knight, George A.F.
Title:The New Israel: A Commentary on the Book of Isaiah 56-66
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel Press
Pages:xvii, 126 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction describes the historical and theological background, including relations between the returning exiles, the priestly class, the group represented by Trito-Isaiah, and the people of the land, and the way in which Trito-Isaiah utilized the first two sections of Isaiah. Uses RSV, no running text. Although emphasis on theology, provides good analysis of others objects of background. Many details explained well. Hebrew clearly explained when used.

Author:Knight, George A.F.; Golka, Friedemann W.
Title:Revelation of God: A Commentary on the Books of The Song of Songs and Jonah
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:ix, 136 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Knight's introduction to "Song" briefly discusses issues of canon, appropriate use, and original milieu and purpose. No running text. "Theological Implications" appended. Good overview with some excellent details, but many details ignored which translators need; too compressed, perhaps. Hebrew clarified when used. Golka's even briefer introduction to Jonah discusses date and background. Better coverage of details on Jonah, with some excellent insights compressed into short form.
Keywords:Canticles; Jonah
Recommendation:T? O

Author:Knight, George W.
Title:The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary on the Greek Text
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Carlisle, England
Publisher:Eerdmans; Paternoster
Pages:xxxiv, 514 p.
Abstract:Introduction covers in good detail the important issues from a conservative viewpoint, which is generally well argued: inner testimony on authorship, recipients, setting, and purposes; attestation in the early church; relationship to Acts and the other epistles (incongruencies, the release and second imprisonment); critical arguments concerning authorship (method of communication, manner of addressing Timothy and Titus, warnings against false teaching, ecclesiastical organization, theological differences, vocabulary and style, pseudonymity, possible Lukan involvement); and possible dates. No running text, but Greek quoted throughout, knowledge of Greek assumed. Covers general background and movement of text quite well; excellent coverage of details. Thorough treatment may sometimes make retrieval of specific information difficult, but this problem is not generally likely to occur. (New International Greek Testament Commentary)
Keywords:Timothy; Titus

Author:Kraus, Hans-Joachim
Title:Theology of the Psalms
Pages:235 p.
Abstract:We include this excellent book in this list, although it is not a commentary. Kraus deals with specific themes in the psalms, gathering them under the following major headings: 1. The God of Israel; 2. The People of God; 3. The Sanctuary and Its Worship; 4. The King; 5. The Enemy Powers; 6. The Individual in the Presence of God; and 7. The Psalms in the New Testament. Knowledge of Hebrew is required. This will make a fine companion volume to anything one uses for translating the psalms. Translated by Keith Crim
Recommendation:T? C

Author:Kraus, Hans-Joachim
Year:1988, 1989
Title:Psalms 1-59: A Commentary (volume 1); Psalms 60-150: A Commentary (volume 2)
Pages:559, 587 p.
Abstract:A long-awaited gem, now in English. Introduction discusses name and place in canon, Masoretic text and ancient translations, psalter as collection, the titles, poetic form, categories and their Sitz im Leben, relation to history of Israel, origin and their tradition history, theology, and excursus (cultic traditions of Jerusalem; glorification of the City of God; the poor; the enemies). Author's translation reflects Hebrew forms, emphases; followed by textual notes, form, setting, commentary, and purpose and thrust. Useful for translating; information not very difficult to retrieve. Knowledge of Hebrew needed. Translated by Hilton C. Oswald from the fifth edition of Psalmen, 1978
Recommendation:T? C

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