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Author:Gordon, Robert P.
Title:1 & 2 Samuel: A Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses the two books in tradition and canon, surveys their contents, compares with Chronicles, contrasts the figures of David and of Christ, and discusses the condition of the text and recent findings. No running text, but uses RSV. Provides good background and explanation of the text, with some good details. However, the level of English may be too high for many nonnative speakers. Hebrew infrequently referred to.
Recommendation:T? C

Author:Gorman, Frank H., Jr.
Title:Divine Presence and Community: A Commentary on the Book of Leviticus
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; Handsel
Pages:xi, 163 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses title and overview, authorship and date (exilic, though earlier origins of details possible), structure and content, Pentateuchal context, theology and ritual, priestly traditions (ritual processes, the number seven, and other elements), life and death/order and chaos as framework, expiation, and relation to Christian theology. No running text (quoted expressions may be author's own version). Each segment, sacrifice, narrative is described in clear terms, showing action and significance. While some details for translators may be lacking in this brief commentary, the background explanations will be of great help. Hebrew terms occasionally given in transliteration but clarified. Language level is clear for the nonspecialist.

Author:Gowan, Donald E.
Title:From Eden to Babel: A Commentary on the Book of Genesis 1-11
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Edinburgh
Publisher:Eerdmans; The Handsel Press
Pages:ix, 125 p.
Series:International Theological Commentary
Abstract:Introduction discusses the position of chapters 1-11: in the Pentateuch (isolated; back references don't exist); in the Bible (light reference in OT; heavy emphasis in Deuterocanon, apocalyptic; frequent in NT); in synagogue and church (development of modern critical method; author's reconciliation of this with concept of inspiration). No running text. Though some details are covered, greatest value is in clear, logical interpretation of text and its background; e.g., no divine plural in chaps.1&3, but addressed to heavenly court; refrains from selecting an opinion from those discussed in 6.1-4. Hebrew transliterated and explained for those not equipped. Probably of greatest value in keeping translators on target and faithful to the text, when faced with theological problems.

Author:Gray, John
Year:1964, Second edition 1970
Title:I & II Kings: A Commentary
Publisher:SCM Press
Pages:xviii, 808 p.
Series:Old Testament Library
Abstract:Introduction covers source criticism, text, and chronology. Author's literal translation. Suggests some emendations where text is difficult. Good discussion of most details, but leans heavily on Hebrew without always clarifying for the untrained. References to recent archaeological discoveries.

Author:Gray, John
Title:Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
Publisher:Thos. Nelson
Pages:337 p.
Series:Century Bible: New Edition
Abstract:Good general background. Leans toward "Arabic" interpretation of cultural matters. RSV base. Some details, but misses explaining many idioms. Hebrew not used.
Keywords:Joshua; Judges; Ruth

Author:Gray, John
Title:Joshua, Judges, Ruth
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; Basingtoke
Publisher:Eerdmans; Marshall Morgan & Scott
Pages:xiii, 427 p.
Series:New Century Bible Commentary
Abstract:A "complete revision" of Gray's 1967 work, but the summary still applies. Revision reflects Mendenhall's sociological evaluation of the ascendancy of Yahwehism. Hebrew occasionally referred to. Probably more useful for consultants than the 1967 version.
Keywords:Joshua; Judges; Ruth

Author:Grayston, Kenneth
Title:The Johanine Epistles
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan; London
Publisher:Eerdmans; Marshall, Morgan & Scott
Pages:xix, 174 p.
Series:New Century Bible Commentary
Abstract:Introduction covers the form of 1 John, structure of epistles, 2 and 3 John, diversity of authorship, 1 John and Gospel of John, authors and community, priority of 1 John, the dissidents and their views, and the teaching and location of the 1 John. No running text, but based on RSV. Discourse structure discussed fairly well, also the original communication event and milieu. Details given good coverage usually. Occasional high level English plus use of Greek may prevent some translators from benefitting from it.
Keywords:John 1-3

Author:Green, Michael
Title:The Second Epistle General of Peter and the General Epistle of Jude
Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Series:Tyndale Bible Commentaries
Abstract:Introduction covers authorship ("provisionally" Petrine; Jude, "brother of our Lord"), occasion and date, false teachings attacked, unity of 2 Peter, Jude's use of apocrypha, and priority of Jude and 2 Peter. KJV base, no running text. Good treatment of some translational information, some neglected. Message emphasized, less emphasis on structure. Greek sometimes used but explained.
Keywords:Peter; Jude
Recommendation:T? C

Author:Greenberg, Moshe
Title:Ezekiel 1-20
Place:Garden City, NY
Pages:xv, 388 p.
Series:Anchor Bible
Abstract:Introduction covers the book's parts and arrangement, dates and historical setting, and method of this commentary: holistic interpretation (meaning he adheres to the canonical Masoretic text). Author's translation provides good alternatives to RSV/TEV. "Comments" on each section cover details, followed by "Structure and Themes" dealing with broader matters. Hebrew usually explained. English level may be difficult; information can be retrieved with practice.
Recommendation:T? C

Author:Greenstone, Julius H.
Title:Numbers: With Commentary
Publisher:Jewish Publication Society
Pages:xxxviii, 374 p.
Abstract:This volume is not really out of date, though perhaps difficult to locate. Introduction covers name, scope, contents by chapters, authorship (documentary hypothesis, but ultimate Mosaic source), historic background, and religious background. JPS running text; commentary at bottom of page. General comments on each pericope; comments on details surprisingly helpful. Gives meaning of every name. Rarely quotes rabbinic sources. Hebrew seldom quoted. Intended for laypeople.

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