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Author:Dancy, J.C.
Title:The Shorter Books of the Apocrypha: Tobit, Judith, Rest of Esther, Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah, Additions to Daniel, and Prayer of Manasseh
Publisher:University Press
Pages:ix, 253 p.
Series:Cambridge Bible Commentary
Keywords:Tobit; Judith; Esther Additions; Baruch; Epistle of Jeremiah; Daniel Additions; Prayer of Manasseh

Author:Danker, Frederick W.
Title:Jesus and the New Age: A Commentary on St. Luke's Gospel
Publisher:Fortress Press
Pages:xx, 410 p.
Abstract:Research into literature of the era has added about 25
Keywords: to the size of the former edition, plus other revisions. Introduction discusses author, cultural bridgebuilder, supreme excellence as a quality of Jesus, God and Jesus, Jesus as Savior, problems for Luke's report (messianic identity and last things, demonic power, signs of the end, a nation's rejection, problems of antisemitism), sources, date, and strategy of this commentary. No running text, but based on RSV. Discusses larger segments, then breaks them down to verse level. Really good in relating each section to the political/historical milieu. Details translators need are often overlooked, but the historical significance discussed makes up for that. Greek used but not required for full understanding. Second edition, revised and expanded

Year:Davids, Peter H.
Collection Title:The Epistle of James
Publisher:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Series:xxxviii, 226 p.
Abstract:New International Greek Testament Commentary
Keywords:Thorough introduction surveys the literature and covers authorship and date, form and structure, a possible Sitz im Leben, theology, and language and text. The user must be prepared with a knowledge of Greek and an ability to follow a thorough, scholarly discussion to be able to retrieve the pertinent information. It does have good coverage of structure, background, and of details.

Year:Davids, Peter H.
Collection Title:James: A Good News Commentary
Publisher:San Francisco
Pages:Harper & Row
Series:xxxiv, 132 p.
Abstract:Good News Commentary
Keywords:Introduction covers authorship (favors "James the Just"), form, date, historical background, thematic emphases, and James and Jesus. GNB running text by chapters, chapter 4 divided. General comments on larger segments, good coverage of flow of discourse, followed by good notes on details of the text. "Additional Notes" use Greek, but usually clarify. (See Mark, Hurtado, for comments on series.)

Year:Davids, Peter H.
Title:1983, 1989
Collection Title:James
Publisher:Peabody, Mass
Series:xvii, 172 p.
Abstract:New International Biblical Commentary
Keywords:From back cover: "Davids' commentary, which first appeared in the Good News Commentary series, has been revised to the NIV and completely reset for greater accessibility." See the entry in the full Bibliography of Commentaries for Translators.

Year:Davids, Peter H.
Collection Title:The First Epistle of Peter
Publisher:Grand Rapids, Michigan
Series:xxii, 266 p.
Abstract:New International Commentary on the New Testament
Keywords:Translators should be sure to read the introduction, which discusses in a balanced way details and theories concerning authorship, recipients, and date and place of writing; also literary genre, theology (detailing important emphases), sources; also an excursus on suffering. Author's formal translation is running text. Rather good coverage of details, background, structure of discourse. Information not difficult to retrieve. Greek seems limited to footnotes.

Year:Davidson, Robert
Title:1973, 1979
Collection Title:Genesis 1-11; Genesis 12-50
Pages:University Press
Abstract:Cambridge Bible Commentary
Keywords:Scholarly, critical, careful work, exercises good judgment, both in introduction and in comments on text. Based on NEB. Explains background and significance of the text, with good details for translators. Uses Hebrew, but explains it well.

Year:Davies, G.I.
Collection Title:Hosea
Publisher:London; Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pages:Marshall Pickering; Eerdmans
Series:315 p.
Abstract:New Century Bible Commentary
Keywords:Introduction discusses Hosea and his circumstances, the historical context and development of Hosea's message, Hosea's relation to the religious traditions of the northern kingdom, and the character, compilation, redaction, and text of the book. Makes good use of the best in modern critical studies, leaning heavily on Wolff. No running text, but RSV is base of discussion. Good background provided at the beginning of each section discussed; good coverage of details translators need, except that translational decisions must somehow be made. Hebrew frequently transliterated, knowledge of Hebrew assumed, but reasonable clarity is there for those untrained.

Year:Davies, W.D.; Allison, Dale C.
Collection Title:A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew
Pages:T & T Clark
Series:xlvii, 731 p.
Keywords:Introduction discusses in detail (148 pages) authorship, structure, literary characteristics, sources, date, local origin, and text. Helpful diagrams compare scholarly opinion or trace research. Discussion of each pericope includes structure (a good outline, reflecting discourse analysis), sources, detailed exegesis, concluding observations, and bibliography. Thorough knowledge of Greek assumed. Scholarly level of language. Discussion based on Nestle-Aland26 and the Huck-Greeven Synopse, 1981. Information surprisingly easy to retrieve from such heavy treatment. Highly recommended for general and detailed information needed for translation. (The International Critical Commentary). Three volumes (eventually): Volume 1, introduction and chapters 1-7

Year:De Vries, Simon J.
Collection Title:1 Kings
Publisher:Waco, Texas
Pages:Word Books
Series:lxiv, 286 p.
Abstract:Word Biblical Commentary
Keywords:Introduction covers background (geographical, cultural, political, and religious situation), sacred history as theological testimony (biblical understanding of history, theological witness of historiography, and historicality of biblical narrative), literary composition (history of interpretation of 1 Kings, deuteronomist's method, and source material), and toward the original text (resources, problems, methods). A valuable parallel table of chapter-verse divisions by MT and versions. Author's translation as running text, followed by textual notes, form/structure/setting (good coverage of discourse), comments (good detail), and brief explanation. Good bibliographies. Hebrew used. Should be quite useful for translating.

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