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This bibliography of English language commentaries has been annotated with the needs of translators in mind. A system of evaluating the commentaries has been used. In the Recommendation field:

  • T = Translator with no training in Hebrew or Greek will find the material quite helpful.
  • C = Consultant or other resource person may be needed by some translators to interpret the material, either because of difficult language level, or the demand for knowledge of Hebrew or Greek, or the difficulty of sorting through heavy scholarly material for the kind of information that will make a difference in translation.
  • O = useful for Other purposes but relatively little to offer for the specific needs of translators.
  • The description will normally include the following features: introductory material; critical methods used; translation used as running text; discourse structure, or "movement" of the text, discussed; adequate details for translators; and use of Hebrew or Greek. The list is intended to cover books currently in print and those which make use of the best of today's scholarship. Therefore items published earlier than 1960 are not usually included.

    Please feel free to offer differing opinions on the value of these commentaries, to suggest other commentaries not listed that have value for translators, and especially to share the reactions of translation personnel who have used any commentaries at all. Send responses to: Sarah Lind

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