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Biblia Sacra: Iuxta Vulgatam Versionem

5th corrected edition

R. Weber, and others, editors.

This edition of the Vulgate is a revised and corrected edition of Weber’s Vulgata, prepared by Roger Gryson. It is based on the OT edition of the Benedictines of St. Jerome’s Monastery in Rome, and the NT edition of Wordsworth and White. It includes a critical apparatus and introduction in Latin, German, French, and English. There is a new revised apparatus in the books of Ruth, Isaiah, and Revelation.

2007. 18.5 x 13.2 cm. 2032 p.
GBS 5303    3438053039

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Novum Testamentum Latine

2nd revised edition
K. and B. Aland, editors.

This is the Latin text of the Nova Vulgata, editio typica altera 1986. The 2nd revised edition in the Latin text apparatus not only offers different versions from the Sixto-Clementina and academic Vulgate editions but also those from the most important Vulgate editions of the 15th and 16th centuries. It includes an introduction in Latin.

1992. 18.7 x 13.3 cm. 695 p.
GBS 5300     3438053004

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Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine

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