67/1 April 2016

Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536), by Quinten Massys (1517), Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2016


In March 1516 Johann Froben, printer and publisher in Basle, published the first edition of the Greek–Latin New Testament prepared by Erasmus of Rotterdam. The April issue of The Bible Translator celebrates the 500th anniversary of the event with five papers from New Testament and Erasmus scholars. The papers illuminate the background and influences of Erasmus’s Novum Instrumentum, including its influence on Bible translation. Order single copies of this special issue at undefinedthebibletranslator.org (under UBS Monographs).

Guest Editorial

  • "'Fidelius, apertius, significantius': The New Testament Translated and Edited by Erasmus of Rotterdam, 1516," Marijke H. de Lang


  • "'Novum Testamentum editum est': The Five-Hundredth Anniversary of Erasmus’s New Testament," J. K. Elliott
  • "Erasmus’s Translation of the New Testament: Aim and Method," Henk Jan de Jonge
  • "Erasmus and the Johannine Comma (1John 5.7-8), " Grantley McDonald
  • "On the Reception of Erasmus’s Latin Version of the New Testament in Sixteenth-Century Spain," Alejandro Coroleu
  • "Erasmus’s Revision of the New Testament and Its Influence on Dutch Bible Translations: The Dossier Revisited," Wim François


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