66/3 December 2015


SBL Papers

  • Introduction: "Biblical Performance Criticism and Bible Translation," James Maxey
  • "Ideology and Bible Translation: Can Biblical Performance Criticism Help?," Nathan Esala
  • "Mediating the Apocalypse: The Potential Semiotic Effects of Translating for Spoken and Sung Performance," Dan Fitzgerald
  • "Relevance Theory in the Performance of Revelation 17–19," Peter S. Perry
  • "Sign Language, Performance, and Identity," Elsa Tamez
  • "Chanting Down the New Jerusalem: Performing Revelation Calypso Style," Marlon Winedt

Practical Papers

  • "Quality Bible Translation in Minority Languages: Can It Be Done?," Nico Daams
  • "Bible Translation Overtaken by Change," Anicia del Corro
  • "Translating the Tetragrammaton in Seediq," Yu Suee Yan

Technical Paper

  • "Translating New Testament Proverb-Like Sayings in the Style of Local Proverbs," Chris Pluger


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