66/2 August 2015


Practical Paper

  • "Translation as Reincarnation?," David J. Clark

Technical Papers

  • "The Futurum Instans and the Translation of Two Hebrew Participles in Gen 38.29 and 40.10," John Makujina
  • "Judging or Ruling the Twelve Tribes of Israel? The Sense of Κρίνω in Matthew 19.28," Yongbom Lee
  • "The Vocative Singular in the Greek New Testament: An Exploration of Its Expression in North American English, " Arthur G. Quinn
  • "Nida’s Γύναι: Eugene Nida’s Views on the Use of Γύναι in John 2.4," Gert M. Knepper
  • "No Small Difference? Galatians 4.1 and the Translation of Διαφέρει," Peter-Ben Smit
  • "The Translation of Πίστις and Its Cognates in the Pauline Epistles," Varghese P. Chiraparamban

Book Reviews

  • A Halich Karaim Translation of Hebrew Biblical Texts, by Zsuzsanna Olach – reviewed by Vitaly Voinov
  • Translating the English Bible: From Relevance to Deconstruction, by Philip Goodwin – reviewed by Stephen Pattemore
  • The English Bible, King James Version: The New Testament and the Apocrypha, edited by Gerald Hammond and Austin Busch – reviewed by Stephen Pattemore


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