66/1 April 2015


Practical Paper

  • "Translation as Performance and Engagement: Performing Philemon from a Modern Caribbean Perspective," Marlon Winedt

Technical Papers

  • "Bible Translation of Non-Mandarin Han Fangyan (Dialects) in Mainland China: The Case of Swatow," Simon Wong
  • "Translating Job 42.6—A Modest Proposal," Yu Suee Yan
  • "Translation and Textual Criticism: The Case of Two Competing Readings, Both of Which Make Good Sense, " Adrian Schenker
  • "Mĕkōnôt, Models, and Mathematics: 1 Kings 7.27-37," Paul J. N. Lawrence and Peter Schmidt
  • "Lexicography to the Aid of a Problematic Pastoral Proverb: With What Should Christians Be Content in 1 Timothy 6.8?," David H. Wenkel
  • "Translating Ἀσθενέω in James 5 in Light of the Prophetic LXX," Andrew Bowden
  • "Food and Wine as Seductress to Doom, Even if the Sleeping Is with One’s Own Wife! A Translation Note on 2 Sam 11.8b," Ross Cole


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