65/3 December 2014


From the Editor


SBL Papers

  • "Deportation or Forgiveness in Hosea 1.6? Verb Valence Patterns and Translation Proposals," Janet Dyk, with respondents Lénart de Regt and Bryan Harmelink
  • "Redeeming Peninnah: A Freeing Translation of צרתה in 1 Samuel 1.6," Dane Leitch
  • "Translation Universals and Polygenesis: Implications for Textual Criticism," Eric J. Tully
  • "Measuring the Adequacy of the Host Text Using Skopostheorie in Bible Translation: The Ethics of Operational Transparency," Nathan Esala

Practical Papers

  • "How Many Idols Did Micah Have? (Judges 17.1–18.31)," Don Slager
  • "A Small Translation Mystery," David J. Clark
  • "Helping Bible Translators Recognize Linguistic Interference between Angolan Bantu Languages and Portuguese," Riikka Halme-Berneking

Technical Paper

  • "Σκύβαλα Happens: Edification from a Four-Letter Word in the Word of God?," John David Punch


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