64/2 August 2013

Papers in honour of Roger Omanson, Part 2


  • From the Editor, Stephen Pattemore
  • "Manuscripts, Textual Variants, and Bible Translators," Simon Crisp
  • "When Nonsense Makes Sense: Scribal Habits in the Space-intervals, Sense-pauses, and Other Visual Features in P46," Edgar Battad Ebojo
  • "Israelite or Universal Horizon: Zephaniah 3.8–10 in the Hebrew and Greek Bibles," Adrian Schenker
  • "The Layout of the Song of Moses (Deut 32) in Masoretic Manuscripts and Biblia Hebraica Quinta," Sarah Lind
  • "Celebrating 400 Years of Ruyl’s Malay Translation of Matthew’s Gospel," Daud Soesilo
  • "The Impact of the KJV in Caribbean Bible Translation Work: An Exploratory Introduction," Marlon Winedt
  • "The King James New Testament: How a Translation Determined Christian Thought on Marriage and Celibacy for Nearly Four Hundred Years," Roger L. Omanson
  • Published Writings of Roger L. Omanson
  • List of UBS Publications


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