64/1 April 2013

Papers in honour of Roger Omanson, Part 1

  • "From the Editor," Stephen Pattemore
  • "Essays in Honour of Roger Omanson — An Editorial Reflection," Philip C. Stine and Philip H. Towner
  • "From the Embodied Mind to the Social Brain: The Negotiation of the Self and Translation," Robert Bascom
  • "How Could Something So Right Be So Wrong? OT References to the Left and Right Hand: Implications for Translation in Africa," Lynell Zogbo
  • "Magi Ancient and Modern," David J. Clark
  • "'When did we see you...?' Translating Rhetorical Questions," Paul Ellingworth
  • "On Portions, Nostrils, and Anger — A Crux Interpretum in 1 Samuel 1.5," Seppo Sipilä
  • "Translation, Exegesis, and 1 Thessalonians 2.14-15: Could a Comma Have Changed the Course of History?" Stanley E. Porter
  • "Looking in the Old Testament for the Epic Genre," Roger A. Bullard


  • List of UBS Publications


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